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Hey guys! We've noticed lately that there have been QUITE a few people who have been using our stock without properly reading our terms. We'd just like to put out a general reminder that in order to use our stock, you must read, understand and agree to our terms!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us c:

Thank you :heart:


United States
Please be sure to read, understand and accept our rules before using our stock.

If you have any questions, please read our FAQ first.

Coming up:
-More martial arts (avatar inspired!) [in progress!]

To-Do List:
-Cartwheel (multi-shot) [need room ;3;]
-Bloody/bruised hands
-More martial arts (atla inspired + moar tae kwon do)
-Other expressive/emotional (happy, angry, etc.)
-General Walking
-Halloween themed? (zombies, Frankenstein's monster, vampire, etc.) [late lol ;3;]
-Harry Potter magic inspired

-Upside down (or close to it), legs cross straight out, arms on chest -…
-Strangling (focus on hands)
-intertwined hands (shaking hands, holding hands, washing hands…
-with hats (if we have any x'D)…
-drinking pill bottle…
-moar captive/bondage…
-jar/pills from front…
-martial arts w feet…
-leaning on sword…
-covering nudity out of embarrassment… and…
-crouching/leaning against a wall/sneaking…
-long gun/rifle ready to fire + scythe battle pose…
-focus on facial expressions + mouth…
-double blades…
-Nightcrawler crouching poses…

We're open for requests and ideas! We'll happy to try our best to do them all to the best of our abilities c: Please be polite about it though, we are doing this for free! xP (However, we do offer prioritized requested stock if you want it sooner!)

Please keep in mind that we are both busy people and can only do so much!

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Atariboy2600 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2014
Wow I may never need to be using thouse wooden model figures again, a real guy is better for helping my art work. thanks.
TheDarkerPath Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you for helping the self-taught artists like me. :) Continue being awesome!
TheCalraidanKingdoms Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You've a wonderful amount of hand stock that make perfect references for learning artists. 

And you've also gained a new Watcher ^,~
KrisReznikova Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014  Student Photographer
Thank you I am a dummy! 
NADreamer Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi, I used some of you photos as references while practicing drawing hands…
I-lovefood Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
hey, thanks a lot for your stock, i'll be using them to improve my anatomy.
if i upload anything that was based on your stock, i'll make sure to provide a link back to your page and photo. thanks a lot :) 
smokeholic Featured By Owner May 28, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Dude, awesome stuff here!

Looks like I'll manage to finish my sculpture now! 

Thanks a lot!
Mikhovski Featured By Owner May 13, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Hi! You are amazing! So much great content here Thanks for sharing!
KemikLy Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014  Student General Artist
Thanks so much for providing such great stock to the community! :icongrin--plz:
CobraArts Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey, I am apart of a comic book group where we make comics and we are holding workshops to help our artists get better, each video is recorded and placed on Youtube for our group member to refer back to. I am the recorder and video editor, we recently did a workshop discussing perspective and I wanted to show picture examples in the video. Could I use a few of your images, this is a non-profit video and non promotional video. If so I'll add the link to your page and give you credit in the description.
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